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Good intentions.
I had them.
Took the plunger/seat out of the hose bib - the valve you hook your garden hose up to - earlier this morning. It was not shutting off properly and the last time I used it, I had to crank it down so hard that I knew the next time I opened it? It would never shut the water back off.

I decided today to fix the thing.  I took the handle out of it that has the washers on it to seal it and went to Home Depot.  Bought a whole new hose bib that looked exactly the same, got it home and...........not exactly the same.  Would screw back into the body of the hose bib.

Realize that I had to shut the water off to the entire house to do this job.  That's why there is pressure.  I therefore decided to go back to the plumbing store where I bought the hose bib - Evergreen plumbing - it wasn't only closed, it had shut down, out-of-business.  Umm, that place had been in operation for over 20 years that I know of.

Over to Ace Hardware since it was closer and usu…