Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good intentions.
I had them.
Took the plunger/seat out of the hose bib - the valve you hook your garden hose up to - earlier this morning. It was not shutting off properly and the last time I used it, I had to crank it down so hard that I knew the next time I opened it? It would never shut the water back off.

I decided today to fix the thing.  I took the handle out of it that has the washers on it to seal it and went to Home Depot.  Bought a whole new hose bib that looked exactly the same, got it home and...........not exactly the same.  Would screw back into the body of the hose bib.

Realize that I had to shut the water off to the entire house to do this job.  That's why there is pressure.  I therefore decided to go back to the plumbing store where I bought the hose bib - Evergreen plumbing - it wasn't only closed, it had shut down, out-of-business.  Umm, that place had been in operation for over 20 years that I know of.

Over to Ace Hardware since it was closer and usually has a better selection of such things.  Bought a hose bib with compression attachment.  Instead of attempting to fix the old hose bib, I figured to replace it.  Got home and found?  Not enough copper tubing available to put the compression bib on there!

BACK to Ace Hardware where I found a different style of valve that would work on the only portion of copper tubing I had - sticking straight up out of the ground.  I figured if THAT didn't work, I would be forced to buy a soldering set including a torch.  Didn't want to go that far with it - or more to the point: have to spend that much money on it.  Got home, cut the copper line, put on the new valve and walaaaaah!

Okay, standing down. The only other thing left to do is return the bib I bought from Home Depot - but I have made enough trips for one day, maybe do that tomorrow or later on.

That was my "big" project for today.  I don't really feel like getting into much of anything else excepting the normal stuff I have to do around the house on weekends, which usually entails some amount of cleaning projects.

I hid my camera and I have no idea what I have done with it.  I remember hiding it some time ago, I have no idea where I put it and can't find it.  I really wanted to post some pics of the properties behind me to give some context as to what I am talking about when referring to either of those pigsties. These aren't normal people I am talking about and they do not live like most normal people do.  Well, I'll find that camera eventually.  I could use my cell phone to take the pics, but it doesn't have very good quality.

Well that's enough for one entry.



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