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I will be interested, next time I go up to the property, to see what fire condition the National Forest Service has that gauge set at and whether camp grounds along the road to mom's property have been re-opened.  I am wondering this because the State of Arizona is basically being rained on - a very good thing.  I just checked the drought monitor, the entire state is either in an extreme or a severe drought depending upon what part of the state you are looking at.

The rain is expected to go on through Monday.  This will not eliminate the drought, but it should do something about the exceptionally dry forest conditions that are so bad, many campgrounds have been shut down, open campfires have been banned and even outdoor target practice has also been banned.  This because of the nitwits that will start a campfire and not know what they are doing.  Although, in these dry conditions, an ember floating from an open campfire could easily start an entire forest on fire in a very short …