Sunday, July 15, 2012

I will be interested, next time I go up to the property, to see what fire condition the National Forest Service has that gauge set at and whether camp grounds along the road to mom's property have been re-opened.  I am wondering this because the State of Arizona is basically being rained on - a very good thing.  I just checked the drought monitor, the entire state is either in an extreme or a severe drought depending upon what part of the state you are looking at.

The rain is expected to go on through Monday.  This will not eliminate the drought, but it should do something about the exceptionally dry forest conditions that are so bad, many campgrounds have been shut down, open campfires have been banned and even outdoor target practice has also been banned.  This because of the nitwits that will start a campfire and not know what they are doing.  Although, in these dry conditions, an ember floating from an open campfire could easily start an entire forest on fire in a very short period of time.

Speaking of trees, I finally found a Queensland Bottle Tree up for sale on Ebay.   I have been looking for one for quite a long time, I was surprised to find one there.  It's a sapling, of course, but for $6.99 plus shipping, I was more than willing to give one a try.  I have a nice place to plant it, too and hopefully it will take.  Though I am not sure if I am supposed to plant it in the ground right away or let it grow in pots for a few years.  Whatever, I don't have it yet but I have read a few sites on people's luck in growing them in pots, looks like if you get the soil mixture right and keep it watered, it should do fine.

Meanwhile, My Chinese Elm tree - none of my trees are "real" trees yet, they are still young and this particular tree is maybe 10 feet tall so far - well it's been spreading it's seeds around. Or perhaps the birds are doing it through their digestive system - or however it's happening, I have several saplings that have sprouted on their own in optimal places where there is plenty of watering going on.  2 of them are 2 feet tall already.  They sort of appeared out of nowhere.  These saplings are nowhere near the actual tree itself.  The wonder of nature.

My "dead" Sissoo is making a remarkable comeback. What unbelievably hearty trees those things are.  They can withstand some of the worst conditions and still survive.  It's now spreading out new leaves all over the tree.  Which is a welcome relief, that particular tree was growing fast and well, it was in a portion of the yard where I really wanted a nice tree to be growing.  Of course, what portion of the yard would I not want a nice tree growing? lol.

The intended purpose for the vines growing on the fence on the east side of my house have all but covered the entire fence area where I wanted the view blocked.  My neighbors are pigs and I don't want to be exposed to their foulness - an eyesore at best, the house and property are nothing but garbage.

I got a view of the "man" that is living with that woman in the shack behind my neighbor's house - which is perched right next to my fence and looking down into my property.  Umm, if you can make any judgments by looks, then this fellow is quite the - character.  Tattoos all over his arms and neck - probably all over  his body who knows - hair halfway down his back, scraggly looking beard and mustache.  Those 2 individuals are now living in a shack that is about 7X7 in dimensions.  Yes, you read that right, it's smaller than most prison cells.  They are already under the understanding - forced upon them - that I will not tolerate them playing that horrific music at obnoxiously loud levels at ANY time of the day.  They probably have also figured out that I will not stand for them looking down into my property, making comments and acting like ******* and ********.  Use your imagination.

Pretty much, I am going to have to save up enough money to buy the block and mortar and put in a block fence and completely block out the view of the pigsty/filthy conditions of that property and now, those people living in that shack.  I AM going to call the city about that this coming week and see if that kind of living arrangement is allowable, I am guessing the City will not do anything about it.  I will have to resort to calling the police if the situation gets out of hand.  I will have to petition the city to allow a higher than allowable fence.  The normal 6 foot fence will not block them from looking down into my property, it would have to be an 8 footer.  Though, now that I think about it, I have serious doubts that shack has proper electrical code compliance - undoubtedly running and electrical cord to supply it with power, that IS a code violation.

Life goes on.  I am sitting here, in my kitchen, looking at 200 square feet of room and what a person could do with it in terms of a "kitchenette" type of structure.  It sounds small, but looking at it, it's plenty of room for one person.  Or a couple.  A small kitchen; a small bathroom with show stall, no tub; a living and sleeping area.  That's it.  I could fetch at least $400 per month for something like that.  The cost of the structure would pay for itself about a year's time.  

Well whatever.  The temps outside right now are tolerable and I need to get some stuff done out there before time to go to church.

Happy Sunday.


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