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So, part 1 of the doom and gloomers dismal outlook on the economy is about to come true: higher food prices. It's all over the news: the drought is causing crops to fail and that's going to mean higher prices for everything in the grocery store.

Interestingly, however, one story also adds that the price of beef should actually come down temporarily as ranchers slaughter massive numbers of their cows because of the high price of feed. But after that?  The price of beef is allegedly going to go way back up.

Other stories are showing a slow down in the economy.  Look, it's not like I want the doom and gloomers to be correct, but they've been foretelling a recession that will be far worse than the thing we saw in 2008.  If food gets out of control, I'm like everyone else: eat the cheap stuff.  My concern is the 401k.  There are options of where to put your money, of course, but it's really quite limited.

I don't know, but if the price of beef does come down e…