Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So, part 1 of the doom and gloomers dismal outlook on the economy is about to come true: higher food prices. It's all over the news: the drought is causing crops to fail and that's going to mean higher prices for everything in the grocery store.

Interestingly, however, one story also adds that the price of beef should actually come down temporarily as ranchers slaughter massive numbers of their cows because of the high price of feed. But after that?  The price of beef is allegedly going to go way back up.

Other stories are showing a slow down in the economy.  Look, it's not like I want the doom and gloomers to be correct, but they've been foretelling a recession that will be far worse than the thing we saw in 2008.  If food gets out of control, I'm like everyone else: eat the cheap stuff.  My concern is the 401k.  There are options of where to put your money, of course, but it's really quite limited.

I don't know, but if the price of beef does come down even temporarily, I am going to fill up my freezer with it.  I just cooked a ham that had been in there over 6 months a few days ago - tasted great. I just emptied out my upright freezer to defrost it - it's ready now to be stocked up again.  I depleted almost entirely my canned food reserve - gotta use it before it goes bad - so I am going to replenish that as well.  At least, as much as possible with whatever's on sale.


The kid that comes over to walk that dogs - infrequently at this point for whatever reason - came over today with his brother.  I have a wireless doorbell.  The button to ding the bell is on the front of the house.  It works, quite well actually.  Well, they were in here messing around, kids, and the doorbell went off. One of my tenants was sitting at the table with me and said he would go out there if I didn't want to.  Nope, I said, it's probably for them - the kids/their parents - and those kids can go out there.

Well he went out there and the doorbell kept ringing. ???  He came back in, said there was no-one out there even though the doorbell was ringing repeatedly - kids.  They had ripped the doorbell button off the wall out front, brought it in and were hiding it from me,  thinking it was a joke.  I mean, laughing and making fun of it.

After explaining to them a few things about life in general and the fact that destroying someone's property isn't funny, I threw them out.

Dogs have been sick.  I DO hope tonight I do not have to go through what I have been with them for the past 2 nights.  I will find out soon enough as..........

................it's my bedtime.



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