Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Queensland Bottle Tree arrived today.  It is not 2 feet tall, more like about 10 inches.  Not complaining, I just thought the pic made it look taller than it is.
It was very well packaged and was in perfect condition.
Which was quite amazing considering it traveled from Florida to Arizona.  It was starting to dry out - but that was expected.  Watered it nicely and now I have to decide what to do with it.  Many people put them in pots for a few years before ground planting them.

But the information I have been reading is saying that they are extremely hearty trees and transplant well at any age or size, whether young or old.  I would rather get the thing in the ground if it can handle it so it can get it's root system started in the ground versus a pot.  Get a dripper from the drip irrigation on it and get it going.  It's kind of exciting, they say these trees grow quickly in the first several years.  Of course, watching a tree grow?  Umm, on a daily basis not a happening event, but watching it's progress over time is really cool.

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