Thursday, July 19, 2012

I have no clue what is going on with my blog.  When I try to come to it, it takes me to some different site. I can access it through typing in and only doing the posts - but I can't see the blog as it is continually redirecting me.  I do hope it's only me that that's happening to.


I will attempt to access my blog via work computer tomorrow to see if it's a situation that - I dunno, apparently blogspot doesn't have much of a support system.

Umm, well, I will continue to write, but if I find out my writings can't be viewed, I will resort back to other blog sites that I already have accounts on, including Wordpress.

Hmmm, I will try changing the password, if I can, perhaps it has been compromised?

I came out here - to my kitchen - this morning - to find JD slumped over the computer keyboard.  Not this computer - no-one but me uses it - but the old one that I let a few people use that don't have computer access.  He woke up when I came out.  We had a long discussion.  I asked him about why he wanted to go to the Army and what he was going to attempt to learn through it?  "I'm going to become a man".  Okay.  Fair enough.  Yes, it will definitely instill some virtues in him - if he accepts that - that will help him out in life - provided, of course, he lives through it.

Not a joke, of course, if you enlist in the nation's military, you are also taking upon yourself the very real possibility that you might not come out of it alive.  But it was cool to talk to him for a while, he comes over here frequently at night, but I am usually not awake for those visitations.  At least he has some kind of plan  = and hopefully will help him get out of the poverty situation that his family has been in for - ever - now.

Well, at least for him.  I don't know that his 3 younger brothers have as much motivation as he does to succeed in life.  JD and Caleb have been friends for quite a long time now, JD will always be welcome over here regardless of what happens.  

Work has been different this week because my manager is on vacation.  First and inside salesman, now the operations manager is there, holding down the fort.  

Friday. Tomorrow is Friday.  I am debating whether to go up to the mountains or not.  I skipped 2 weeks in a row now - perhaps time for another venture up there.  Not sure yet.  I will determine that tomorrow near or when I get off of work. Pretty small window of time to decide, after work is over at 2:00 pm if I am not held late, to go or not to go.  I already have most everything I need so preparation isn't much of an issue.  I do love it up there : )  

I just got through reading a couple of emails from my dad and one of my uncles.  This is the first I have seen any confirmation of it, but they are definitely doing their reunion, in August, in Ashley, North Carolina.

I wish I could go.  The cost of airfare alone is exorbitant.  Then you have all the rest of the costs.  I am not sure I will even have enough money saved up to drive to San Diego and go on the fishing trip with my son.  I am pretty much broke and that's the name of that tune.  The electric and water bills are what's killing my finances right now, but it wasn't unexpected.  Just that I had thought, after paying off that trailer, I would have a bit more than what I have now.  But I don't and that's that.  Oh well and move on with life.  If we can swing a trip to San Diego - even on budget mode - great, if not - dunno what to say.

I'll say that I have enjoyed my trips to the mountains and hope for more of the same : ) I don't pay lot rent and I own the trailer outright. My expenses are confined to fuel getting up there, almost exclusively.  I would have had to eat anyway, no extra there. The dogs would have had to eat anyway, no expense there either.  So yeah, maybe I will make that trip up there tomorrow - but only if I can find time to get the oil changed on the car first. It's past due and I don't much care to let it go.


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