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I have no clue what is going on with my blog.  When I try to come to it, it takes me to some different site. I can access it through typing in and only doing the posts - but I can't see the blog as it is continually redirecting me.  I do hope it's only me that that's happening to.


I will attempt to access my blog via work computer tomorrow to see if it's a situation that - I dunno, apparently blogspot doesn't have much of a support system.

Umm, well, I will continue to write, but if I find out my writings can't be viewed, I will resort back to other blog sites that I already have accounts on, including Wordpress.

Hmmm, I will try changing the password, if I can, perhaps it has been compromised?

I came out here - to my kitchen - this morning - to find JD slumped over the computer keyboard.  Not this computer - no-one but me uses it - but the old one that I let a few people use that don't have computer access.  He woke up when I came…