Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I don't get about this guy that shot  and killed all those people at the theater, besides the obvious question as to why he did it, is why he wanted to live after he was done?  Allegedly, he just gave himself up at the back of the theater without any kind of fight.

He will spend the rest of his life in prison, but I believe he will end up getting the death penalty since Colorado has capital punishment.  Of course, we all know how long it takes between sentencing and actually being put to death.  What possesses a man to walk into a theater full of strangers - people he doesn't know - and then simply open fire on them?  Will this guy ever tell?  Is he psychotic?

Well, the weekend is here in full swing.  I got up at 5am after going to bed last night at 8pm.  I was sooooo tired, I really wanted to go up to the property but driving up there was out of the question yesterday.  I could go this morning, but it would only be one night up there and then have to drive down.  I pretty much have determined that on a regular weekend, if I am going to go, I must go up on Friday and at least get 2 nights out of it.

I believe I have decided on the place to plant the Queensland Bottle Tree.  It is in direct, full sun, which, from what I am reading, is what they want and like anyway.  So, I am going to take out the Christmas plant that apparently does not like full sun - it died regardless of how much watering I did with it - and plant the tree there.  Perfect location for it.    I want to get another one and plant it out front as well.  I can plant it in a location that is already being watered and will not add even more watering to have to be done on the front.  On the back, different story, going to have to run a small line and a dripper or 2.

I will try to get another one of those Christmas plants this year - after Christmas and they go on sale for less than half price - and plant it in the shade. Kind of like the Norfolk Pines I bought 3 or 4 years ago.  I had thought they were regular pine trees and planted 3 of them in full, direct sunlight while the 4th one I planted in front of my house, right next to the wall, which gets no direct sunlight at all.  The 3 in direct sunlight died.  The one that gets no direct sunlight is doing very well.  It doesn't hardly grow at all, maybe a couple of inches a year, but it's a beautiful little tree.  Which contradicts everything I have read about those trees.  I have read that they cannot survive outside in the temps and conditions we have here, that you have to grow them indoors.

Well, that logic can be thrown right out the window since that tree has been there several years now, is very healthy and shows no sign of deterioration.  It does not grow very fast, possible a side effect of the atmosphere here, but that's okay, it's more of a nice little ornamental tree at this point.  I am guessing if I planted the Christmas plant - don't remember the name of it - in a similar location, I will have the same results.


Long break.  I posted an ad on Craigslist to give away more pond plants, the pond in the ground on the east side of my house has WAY too many Taro in there, it's taking up too much space for the fish to be able to swim around in.  So, a lady and her young daughter came over and we went to work.  I took out 4 of those plants, one of them was huge.  Pulled the Umbrella plant out of it's pot and broke off 3 pieces of that.  Got a couple of Yerba Mensa stringers and gave them to her and then - gave away the pond that has been sitting there for over a year now, not being used.

She wanted to put the plants into pots but mentioned she wanted a pond as well.  I might have been able to sell that pond on Craigslist for some money, but it has a leak and a person is going to either have to buy a patch repair kit for it or buy a liner.  She decided she would buy a liner for it and that would be that.  So, I got quite a bit done out there already today, not just with the ponds but also in the front in dealing with various landscape issues.

Mark, the 30-something year old meth-head who still lives with his parents - was out front of his house, staring at me.  His parent's house is across the street, 4 houses down.  I didn't bother to get into a stare-down with him, I decided to completely ignore him.  He then started making his high-pitched, squealing noises again, aimed in my direction.  I don't know what the significance of those noises are, but he has done this before in the past while yelling obscenities at me, so I assume it's an insult of some sort.

Whatever the case, I was going to go get my cell phone and simply call the police. They don't have to do anything but go down there and start pounding on the windows and doors, as they did last time, to get Mark to stop his behavior.  His parents don't want the police visiting their house because of Mark's bs.  In fact, I doubt they want the police visiting them for any reason. But, as quickly as he started, he stopped.  A 5 year old in a 30-something year old body that looks like he's 60-something because of all the meth.  Nice life there, bud.

Which reminds me, I got all that other stuff done but completely forgot about the Queensland Bottle Tree.  However, it is quite warm out there right now.  It's about 40% humidity and around 95 degrees.  The humidity had me sweating profusely and I may be done for the day. At the very least, taking a nice, cool break and then maybe go out there and see about uprooting the Christmas tree and putting the Queensland back in it's place.  Probably won't take too long, I thoroughly flooded the tree with water and let it get down into the ground so that it should be easy enough to just pull it out.

Whatever the case, this entry waxes long.



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