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I don't own one and I probably never will, but the logic escapes me as to how, exactly, a ban on certain types of weapons would have stopped the incident at the movie theater from occurring?  He would have found some other way to execute his plan - but regardless of whether they are legal or illegal, you can get any kind of gun you want on the black market.  Would it have made any difference, whatsoever, if he had obtained the weapons legally or illegally?  The ending would have been the same: a lot of people dead and wounded.

Well, Monday's here and I am definitely not feeling like doing much of anything.  Crank myself into gear in a few minutes, get in the car and drive to work.  Weekends never last long enough.  But, my manager is coming back from almost 2 weeks off, that's always a wonderful thing to have to face, lol.

Conversation with my mother about Sheriff Joe Arpaio yesterday?  She apparently is a big fan and couldn't understand why I won't be voting for …