Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Okay. Well, if we want to go Sport fishing this year, apparently the tab is on me.  College is apparently going to consume the money that my son earned up at the youth camp.
$190 for 2 to get on the boat plus $21.95 per person to rent the tackle/rods.
2 night's hotel stay.
So I dunno yet.
Vacations aren't cheap, end of that story.
They found his body decomposing in the desert.  That was the news I heard in my kitchen from oe of my tenants yesterday when that particular tenant came home.  It was his brother-in-law - who apparently had some mental issues after coming back from one of the wars, which one I don't remember.  What can you say to a person going through something like that?

Cars.  Next door neighbor has I think 8 of them.  He only drives 2 of them, the rest of them sit there and do nothing.  Complete and total eyesore, the newest vehicle in his junk collection isn't even in the 2000 model year range.  They are all old junk.  Well, I was informed yesterday by a tenant that he had been "told" by the next-door-neighbor's son that he was parking "in front of their house" and needed to move his car.

I thought we had gotten past this issue with these stupid people.  First off, there is no law saying I can't park in front of their house - though I certainly have no desire to do so and second, if they're going to start that s*** up again, well.  I got into my old blue Buick, pulled it out onto the street and parked it -  yup - all the way up at the edge of my property and partially in front of theirs.  They had their station parked there but they got in and took off with the thing  These people should know by now that starting a war with me isn't going to go well for them.  I will hold nothing back, including complaining about their entire property, which is filled with nothing but junk and trash.

There's not a damn thing they can do about me parking my car where I parked it, either.  They can call the police if they like, but the police are only going to tell them the same thing they told them the last time we went through this: there is nothing illegal about the way the car is parked.

I am going to start reviewing housing codes and other city codes to find out what gems I might be able to find.

Pretty sure I am going to the property this weekend.  I just need to gather some things together to be able to get up on the roof of the trailer and do the work it needs to fix it.

I have to say this news story tickled my funny bone: a man asked to leave Disney World because he resembles Santa Klause too much!  They have a pic of him, and yes, he certainly does!  But he didn't have a costume on, just his white hair and beard and mustache. Lol.  Too much.  The guy was there on vacation with his family.  I guess it might not be too funny to him, but I just can't believe Disney World would actually ask a person to leave because their striking resemblance of a fictional character.

Well that's enough for now.  I am sitting at a job site, waiting to get unloaded.


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