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Globe, Arizona.
Old mining town, active copper mines all around.
Go up there occasionally with deliveries.
Well, I was to deliver to the city, which I had never done before.
I have delivered to a store; several of the mines and several street projects
going through there and surround towns.
Went to the office. It became immediately obvious that the address on my delivery ticket?
Was definitely NOT the place this material was going to be going to.
No yard there at all, just a building and surround by grass, a park and a kid's playground.

I ask a lady inside where I should take this material, noting to her the name of the person that ordered it.
Oh yes, she replies, you have to take it to such and such a place.
K, how do I get there?

This lady starts going into a litany of different streets that I would have to turn on, making all kinds of turns.  I was writing the information down as she was giving it to me, and asking her to say the names of the streets twice - I always do that …