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Up in the mountains.  I almost bowed out of it today as well, I was pretty tired but I forced myself to get everything together, get the dogs in the car and get rolling.  Amazing amount of traffic coming up to these parts on the highway.  Extremely inconsiderate drivers as well.  It is amazing how many drivers will block the passing lane for miles and miles and miles, blocking up traffic 20 cars worth behind them.

Then there was the couple in the BMW.  I am going the pace the car can go.  My car is loaded with 350 pounds of dogs, 200 pounds of human and at least 150 pounds of stuff in the trunk. It's got a bit of work to do to keep up the speed I want it to. It also heats up a bit while climbing the hills.  Meaning?  Speed is going up and down, not because I want to do that, but because that's just the way it is. Unlike many motorists in this day and age, however, I will move out of the way of whoever wants to get by me.  We went back and forth passing each other until the du…