Saturday, July 28, 2012

I am still up in the mountains.  The sun has all but gone, just a faint light left.  It started pouring rain 6 hours ago, continued raining heavily for about an hour, lightened up a bit for another half hour but it's still, after 6 hours, raining outside.  The  ground was saturated to the point of water running down the hill.  A good thing for the forest in these parts, it's been so dry that people have refrained from coming up here for fear of forest fires.

I am laying in bed - a very comfortable, queen-sized bed - listening to the pitter-patter of rain drops hitting the RV roof.  I turned off the fan so I could listen to it - but that isn't going to last too long, it starts to get stuffy and I can't handle not having air moving around a bit.

I fixed - a temporary job since I didn't have some materials that I didn't know I would need to repair it - the roof today. Early this morning, actually. I put Henry's metal roof goop on there and actually hoped it wouldn't rain.   It didn't start raining for about 5 hours after I put that stuff on there, but I went up on the roof just before the rain started falling and it was still soft.  Nothing I could do, I knew there was the possibility of rain and I would either fix the thing or not.

But, even after the heavy downpour, not a drop of rain has come out of where the leak was.  Note that I went to the trouble of removing layers of white elasomeric roof coating that must have been applied over time.  I have found that covering over an old coating of the stuff  does much of nothing.  You have to go to the trouble of removing the old coating, getting it down to the metal and then starting over.

I made my mom a nice pork chop dinner. She was out of food anyway. Like, time to eat noodles type of dinner.  She had forgotten to bring up several pounds of frozen chicken that she was going to use.   So, a dinner of salad and pork chops and mashed potatoes and corn was a very welcome meal, apparently.

Well that's it.  I'm off to early bed.  Getting up early to leave for town so I can go to church in the morning, which doesn't start until 10:00 am.


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