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I am still up in the mountains.  The sun has all but gone, just a faint light left.  It started pouring rain 6 hours ago, continued raining heavily for about an hour, lightened up a bit for another half hour but it's still, after 6 hours, raining outside.  The  ground was saturated to the point of water running down the hill.  A good thing for the forest in these parts, it's been so dry that people have refrained from coming up here for fear of forest fires.

I am laying in bed - a very comfortable, queen-sized bed - listening to the pitter-patter of rain drops hitting the RV roof.  I turned off the fan so I could listen to it - but that isn't going to last too long, it starts to get stuffy and I can't handle not having air moving around a bit.

I fixed - a temporary job since I didn't have some materials that I didn't know I would need to repair it - the roof today. Early this morning, actually. I put Henry's metal roof goop on there and actually hoped it wo…