Monday, July 30, 2012

Just got home from church - like it's my bedtime now so just a short update.  Well, church was a men's meeting and the pastor was sharing his vision of things he would like to see come to pass in the church.

Got home and found George gone - tenant - and informed he had cut his finger and it would not stop bleeding, so he went to the hospital.

Wind storm tore down a large branch off of one of the Sissoo's, and now it appear I will have to cut the other large branch off of it because the one that tore off took a big chunk out of the other branch that was also coming out of it.  I dunno the future of that tree at this point.

Vacation week has been approved, week of the 13th - 17th.  Whether we go on a fishing trip is still up in the air.  Dunno but not stressing over it.

It's been raining here - like real rain, the likes I haven't seen in quite a long while.

Got a raise.  2%.  I know, doesn't sound like much but that was pretty much across the board for everyone at my company and - in this economy - any kind of raise is a welcome sight, definitely not complaining.

That's it.  No time for more, I gotta get to bed!


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