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So, upon the advice of a foreman at a construction site, I decided to check out sport fishing going out of Ventura Beach instead of San Diego.  I am not married to the idea of San Diego, the reason I would want to go there is because it is COOOOOOOL there.  Well, according to this dude, it's cool on the ocean off of Ventura Beach, too.

Well, I did call the same company we went on last year - it's not like we were treated badly or something, it was a good trip out onto the ocean and the deck hands were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  Well, the trip we went on last year is still listed on their site - a 3/4 day trip to some islands - but the Mexican Navy apparently has decided to ban all fishing from that area as of last Saturday.  Yeah, well I'm not too fond of the Mexican Navy stopping fishing boats to check your papers, anyway.  That was a bit unnerving last year to see that - and our boat left out of there about the time they were finishing up with the nearest…