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I'm pretty much bound and determined at this point to make this fishing trip happen. Why? Cause' I want to go fishin' on the sea!
Umm, it only made me want to go more after talking with another driver from our company that works for another division today.  We were both at one of our company's plumbing stores  - he works for fire and I work for waterworks.  We run into each other here and there.  We started chatting and I told him about my plans to go seafishing.  He was all bright-eyed after that and declared he had just gone last weekend.

The dude knows a lot more about fishing than I do.  I used to love fishing when I was a kid, but I just haven't done much of it in my adult life.  He figured we should go on an overnight trip.  Great, but the company I found isn't doing overnighters  the week we are going to go.  The day I want to go is a 13 hour trip - the entire week has only 13 hour trips.  I will continue to look for different sportfishing companies, but…