Thursday, August 2, 2012

The long and short of it is that I handed him a copy of the insurance card some time ago to put into the glove compartment of the car.  I also warned him a few days ago that that registration is expiring and the car needs to be taken into an emissions testing station before I can re-register it.

This is regarding the old Buick and Caleb driving it after getting back from the summer youth camp.  He was pulled over yesterday by a Mesa police officer - the plates had expired as of, yesterday, lol and apparently the insurance card I had for it was not in the glove compartment.  Well, the cop told Caleb that the car is not insured, this apparently coming from his database on his computer.

Yeah.  The State of Arizona.  They screw all kinds of things up all the time regarding motor vehicles and driver's licenses, it's not surprising to me that they don't have the insurance on file, even though it's been sent to them twice now.  Caleb got off lucky, though, he only got a warning.

Whatever. Caleb called earlier and was waiting in line.  I haven't heard back from him whether it passed emissions or not. It passed with no problem last year after I took it into the shop and had some work done on it, I am really hoping that carries over to today as I really have no spare money to be spending on it.

Well whatever. Paying the mortgage today wasn't so much fun.  Like - ouch.

Wow!  Double wow!  I walk out of the door on the east side of my house - my little private domain with the ponds and a very nice setup. I'm feeding the fish in one of the ponds when I feel something unnerving.  Eyes. I can ALWAYS feel eyes on me.  I look up and there is this freaky looking dude in the neighbor wars porch - at the shack - standing there, facing me, arms folded.

Nope. I am not putting up with this kind of shit.  WHAT are YOU looking at? "I haven't figured that out yet",  spoken in some sort of strange sounding voice as if he weren't all there and an obvious insult.

Who are you and what are you doing back there?

This is my PARENT'S house and I can do whatever I want!

This guy is in his 30's.  His face looks like the face of a meth user.  He has tattoos going all the way down both arms.  He is wearing a muscle shirt and you can see tattoos all over the exposed parts of his flesh, going up to his neck.  His hair is hanging halfway down his back.

OH, nice, so you are living with your parents, in a shack that is smaller than the size of my bathroom, in your 30's at least and this is your life?  Nice, buddy.  I freely admit I pushed his buttons right back after attempting to press mine.

He got mad, of course, but I wasn't listening to any more of his shit and started piling it on.  He disappeared. 5 minutes later, Sam - the guy that owns the house - came out, looking over the fence.  "Howdy neighbor".  I  wasn't falling for it this time.  I could go into the elongated history of him and his wife making up complete and totally fabricated stories in order to get me into "trouble", but I don't have the time or more importantly, the desire to go into it again on this blog.

I have held back for over 6 years now.  I let it all loose today.  The hoarding.  The cats.  On and on.

Yeah, I got past that conversation quickly and went about my business out there - it's my property, I AM entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of my personal property.  I will not tolerate some freak of nature standing there glaring at me.

Well, I go into my house.  I am in and out a lot.  I come back out maybe 5 minutes later.  I was repairing a blown water line on the drip irrigation system - it's hot out and the rains a few days ago were good for a few days, but there are certain plants that start drooping if they don't get enough water.

Well, this time, that guy is out there, with Sam and a woman and some other dude out there.  This guy starts in on me and goes ballistic. He's yelling, beating his chest like and ape, throwing his fists around and telling me he is going to hurt me and that he shouldn't have "messed with my parents" - on and on.  I seriously though the guy was going to jump the fence and try to assault me!  I did NOT threaten this man, at all.

Well, I just went into the house, got my cellphone, came back outside and called the police.  Gave a full description.  Police came to my house first.  I relayed the entire event and then they went over there. This guy took off his muscle shirt and put on a long sleeve shirt to attempt to hide his tattoos!

Whatever.   These people are not going to intimidate me, they are not going to get away with threatening me and yes, I had my gun in my pocket.  Not that I want to use it or even bring it into view, but with this kind of shit going on, I am going to have it available.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...