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The long and short of it is that I handed him a copy of the insurance card some time ago to put into the glove compartment of the car.  I also warned him a few days ago that that registration is expiring and the car needs to be taken into an emissions testing station before I can re-register it.

This is regarding the old Buick and Caleb driving it after getting back from the summer youth camp.  He was pulled over yesterday by a Mesa police officer - the plates had expired as of, yesterday, lol and apparently the insurance card I had for it was not in the glove compartment.  Well, the cop told Caleb that the car is not insured, this apparently coming from his database on his computer.

Yeah.  The State of Arizona.  They screw all kinds of things up all the time regarding motor vehicles and driver's licenses, it's not surprising to me that they don't have the insurance on file, even though it's been sent to them twice now.  Caleb got off lucky, though, he only got a warn…