Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uhhhhhh, wow.  Well, I am not really a fan of interjecting my desire for my son's life in what he should do with it. He is a man now, he needs to find his own way.  Parents attempting to guide their children in such thing, I believe, really do them a disservice.  They aren't your 7 year old son or daughter anymore.  If you don't give them the opportunity to find out for themselves - including potential failure and learning from it - I think you are setting the kid up for ultimate fail.

So, the ex writes me a long email about how she feels he should go to a certain ministry to learn about God.  I read the entire email and shook my head.  "She" feels this and "she" feels that about his life.  That's nice, but in a walk with the Lord, each person has to do that for themselves, no-one can walk it for you.  Her intent is to tell him that he should go to Teen Mania - which is a good ministry, I am not saying it isn't but I don't necessarily agree it's the direction the Lord has for him right now - and that's that. "She" prayed about it, therefore it should be.

Yeah, maybe it is, but from my perspective, probably not.  He is going to school.  He is learning Japanese.  He is also doing other courses that he feels he wants to end up doing with his life.  He feels called to Japan.  He is IN school, I mean he went down there and signed up again and it's all paid for.  If you are learning a language, to take a year off and go off to a ministry to do something else is not going to be conducive to you learning that language.  I am guessing a lot of Japanese actually speak English as a second language. English is taught around the world.  But if you are going to minister in the name of the Lord to a foreign land, how much more effective are you that you can speak their language and speak it fluently?

So, I will have a very long conversation with my son when he comes back.  The conversation will not be about whether he should or should not go to Teen Mania, the conversation will be about how to seek the Lord and find his direction for your life.  We have been having several long conversations in recent times - not because I am forcing myself on him - he actually starts these conversations and I throw in my life's experience.  Always easier to learn from someone else's mistakes and observe someone else's successes and perhaps glean something from it.  We spoke at length last night before he headed off to his mother's house and then this morning, off to a week long ministry experience in California, all expenses paid for by the Salvation Army.

We have been having some interesting discussions.  Especially about the Bible and what it has to say.


So some suggestions were floated around on how to make the view of those people disappear.
One was to get some oleanders and just let them grow big.
No thanks.  It would take too long for them to get that big, number one and number two, I'm not a big fan of those things.

But, it did give me thought that I could just stick 10 foot long 2x4's in the ground and put some sort of material up that would at least temporarily get rid of the view of them - or more to the point - them looking at me.

Or, perhaps, put up large trellises back there and buy a bunch of vines from the nursery and start growing them out of view.  Much cheaper than a block wall and eventually it would definitely remove their ability to see me and my ability to see them - which is the point, I don't WANT to see them and I don't WANT them looking over my fence.  Not only that, but it would look good.  It wouldn't be an eyesore and would actually enhance the aesthetics of my property, not degrade it.

I could also put up an 8 foot chain link fence, cheaper than block and easier to install.  Then, get the vines and start growing them on the fence itself.  I have that already on the east side of the house and it has done the job of almost entire blocking out the view of those people.

Well, whatever the case, I can't do that right now.  Well, I could, skip the fishing trip and use that money on that project instead, but - I am not going to do that. Whatever I end up doing about it, it's going to have to wait.  But the seed has been planted.  It's time to simply remove their ability to be looking into my back yard.  I will be thinking of ways to deal with this situation in the next coming weeks - though the trellis idea really sounds nice, actually.  I think 4x8 trellises are something around $20 to $25 each and I would need probably  8 of them.  I already did this on the back side of my house.  I put in 10 foot 2x4's, cemented them in to the ground and then attached the trellises to the 2x4's.  I think planted some vines - but the vines I bought are REALLY slow growing, I gotta get something else for it.  But it looks good is the point.  They are redwood looking trellises.

Oh, and another thought that crossed my mind is that I could remove the axles off of that 5th wheel trailer and effectively turn it into a permanent structure by putting it on blocks and then dressing the area between the bottom of the trailer and the ground with some skirting.  No longer a travel trailer.  I don't know that I am going to actually do that, but I bet the city couldn't do anything about it if there was another complaint filed by, who else, the idiots behind me.


Well I was just out there, tending to my fish.  The summer monsoon winds are really messing with some of my pond plants : (     They were out there again.  Apparently, they have 2 kids - very young kids at that. Maybe 2 or 3 year olds.  So, a guy, his wife/girlfriend and 2 kids living in a shack that is about 6 feet wide by 8 feet long.  They were making a LOT of noise as well.  I'm going to call the city on Monday - I just plain put it out of my mind yesterday - and get it dealt with on the fact of them running electricity into the shack with an extension cord, a definite no-no by the city's Zoning standards.  If that doesn't work, I can call CPS and have them check the welfare of those kids and I can call the Neighborhood Services division again and see what they can do.
Last segment I wrote earlier today, got busy with other stuff, but posting it anyway.

As for the rest of today?

It's cashed.



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