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Uhhhhhh, wow.  Well, I am not really a fan of interjecting my desire for my son's life in what he should do with it. He is a man now, he needs to find his own way.  Parents attempting to guide their children in such thing, I believe, really do them a disservice.  They aren't your 7 year old son or daughter anymore.  If you don't give them the opportunity to find out for themselves - including potential failure and learning from it - I think you are setting the kid up for ultimate fail.

So, the ex writes me a long email about how she feels he should go to a certain ministry to learn about God.  I read the entire email and shook my head.  "She" feels this and "she" feels that about his life.  That's nice, but in a walk with the Lord, each person has to do that for themselves, no-one can walk it for you.  Her intent is to tell him that he should go to Teen Mania - which is a good ministry, I am not saying it isn't but I don't necessarily agree…