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I gotta figure something out here.  These "people" living in the shack behind me are spending great quantities of time yelling at their kids.  I am talking 2 and 3 year olds here.
Screaming, yelling, that kind of thing.  It goes on and on and onnnnnnnn...........
I just sent in an internet complaint.  I start with that. Then, when the City of Phoenix's Neighborhood Services department completely ignores my complaint, I can then call Zoning department directly, tell them what's going on and then have them send out their own investigator.
The issue I can get them with is the numerous extension cords that are being used to send power into the structure.
If these people are THAT poor, then they qualify for HUD housing and the City will - or should - direct them  in the appropriate direction to get that kind of assistance.  I am not without compassion, I just am not going to tolerate this kind of nonsense going on 24 hours a day, completely disrupting my right to "…