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My refrigerator is biting the dust.  The freezer is still freezing but the refrigerator side is starting to get warm.  Gonna lose my food in there.  Not the end of the world, just took all the meat out of there and put it in my up right freezer.  That refrigerator went through that house fire and I was surprised the thing worked after being exposed to that high heat.  I'm guessing the fan quit working.  I'm not sure it's worth fixing.  A fan motor for the thing is probably at least $100.  I good used refrigerator - around $200 if I score, $250 if not.  Oh, you can get them for less, I am talking about something decent that isn't 15 years old that still looks good and you won't have to worry about it for a while.

It is, however, the worst time of the year for something like this to happen.  What it puts in jeopardy is my planned fishing trip next week.  I have the money saved for that trip, I have been saving for it for a while now.  It's also the only money I h…