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Work has been really, reaaaaaaallly slooooooow.
Hardly any deliveries and when there are, not taking a lot of time to do because they are small.
This is always a bad sign - not just for our company but for the outlook on the economy cause' when construction starts plummeting, it seems like everything else tanks right along with it.

Regardless, it also makes for a very long day at work when there  is very little to do and all the cleaning projects have been done, leaving nothing but sitting around waiting for something to come up.  We pretty much have the new place dialed in at this point.

There was nothing in the system for today when I left yesterday.

Well whatever.  I have the refrigerator situation to deal with.  But I'm not going to get in a rush about it.  The tenants have their refrigerator and I can live on frozen - the low calorie good kind - dinners until I get the situation resolved.  Meaning getting another refrigerator.  Meaning finding someone that is selling o…