Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's one of those things.  You know you are on the cusp of an extended time off of work, so the week leading up to it - drags on, lol.  2 more days including today of work and it's done.

I'm debating whether to head up to the hill tomorrow or wait until after I get the fishing trip done.  I'm sort of pushing more for the other side of the trip than before.

The issue is the money spent on gasoline to get up there and back and the fact that I am going to be paying for around 850 miles of driving when considering the drive to Ventura and back.

Not to mention I don't really like putting all that mileage on the car, but that was inevitable upon the idea of putting a travel trailer up on the property.

Well, anyway, search for a refrigerator moves on.  I asked one guy whether he could deliver or not - I do that right off the bat along with my offer.  He didn't say, he just said the offer was good enough.  So I asked him again.  No reply.  He then contacted me yesterday and said: "Do you want the refrigerator or not?" I replied to him that he hadn't informed me whether he would/could deliver it or not?

The guy had a temper tantrum.  Informed me that "I ain't selling you nothing".  Declared that he had told me he would deliver it in the very first email and that I am a "Craigslist beginner".  Lol.  I went back to that first email and there was, of course, nothing in it that indicated whether he would deliver it or not, only that he would take my offer.

That's the world of Craigslist.  A LOT of flakey people on there.

I just laughed at the guy, told him his first email said nothing about delivery and that there are 1,000 refrigerators for sale on CL, no big deal to me.  Very odd, though, that a person that is trying to sell something on there would just blow up like that and turn down a cash sale.

I have been burning up out in the heat at work every day this week.  I am REALLY sick of the heat.  It gets so hot that after being out there for a while, your feet start to burn with the amount of heat on the asphalt going up through your boots.  VERY uncomfortable.  By the time work is done, I am out of it.  Yesterday, though, I went to the doc's anyway as I had a physical appointment.  He was going to do an EKG but then found out they had run out of the special paper, lol.  I have to go get some blood taken and he gave me a prescription for some other type of sleep aid.

I haven't tried sleep aids in quite a while, they don't work, at least not on me. This one, he declared, will work.  Okay. I'll try it once.  But not until the work week is over. If it keeps me AWAKE rather than putting me to sleep, I want to be able to not have to get up the next morning and just sleep in after the drug wears off.

Ummm, time to go to work.  At least there is something in there to do today.


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