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It's one of those things.  You know you are on the cusp of an extended time off of work, so the week leading up to it - drags on, lol.  2 more days including today of work and it's done.

I'm debating whether to head up to the hill tomorrow or wait until after I get the fishing trip done.  I'm sort of pushing more for the other side of the trip than before.

The issue is the money spent on gasoline to get up there and back and the fact that I am going to be paying for around 850 miles of driving when considering the drive to Ventura and back.

Not to mention I don't really like putting all that mileage on the car, but that was inevitable upon the idea of putting a travel trailer up on the property.

Well, anyway, search for a refrigerator moves on.  I asked one guy whether he could deliver or not - I do that right off the bat along with my offer.  He didn't say, he just said the offer was good enough.  So I asked him again.  No reply.  He then contacted me yester…