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I had a -black - woman last night on Facebook insinuating that I am a racist because I don't like Obama and because I am blaming him for the wrecked economy. The posting that I had made stated something to the effect of "On it's present course, America will eventually become a third world nation".

Note that I did not speak of president Obama or any other president for that matter.

I immediately unfriended her.  If people want to debate politics, all well and fine, but to throw the race card into it is a non-starter with me.  I will simply end the conversation, make the assumption that the person cannot engage in an adult conversation without throwing out all the dirt and muck, and that is that.

But, my statement was more about the sad state of America and it's rapid march into declining morals and godlessness. The idea that much of the newest generation is not receiving a good work ethic.  The idea that living off the government is more acceptable than earning…