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Today is my first official day of vacation.  It is going to be hot outside today, at least 111 but probably even hotter.  So, what else is there to do but stay inside and do nothing?  I did all my running around early so I wouldn't have to be out in the heat.  Bank, food store and then I decided to stop at PetSmart to see if they still had little fishies on sale.

They weren't on sale, but it turns out the little goldfish are only thirteen cents a piece.  Apparently people buy them in bulk to feed other animals/reptiles/whatever.  So I got a bunch of them.  I figure to start a fresh crop of goldfish so I can eventually get rid of the giant ones I have in there.  They are REALLY big for a pond that small! lol  They grow so fast, the Koi are growing at exponential rates as well.  Which is actually unfortunate because from what I have been reading, they will not stop growing simply because they are in small ponds, meaning eventually I am going to have to depart with the big ones …