Saturday, August 11, 2012

Today is my first official day of vacation.  It is going to be hot outside today, at least 111 but probably even hotter.  So, what else is there to do but stay inside and do nothing?  I did all my running around early so I wouldn't have to be out in the heat.  Bank, food store and then I decided to stop at PetSmart to see if they still had little fishies on sale.

They weren't on sale, but it turns out the little goldfish are only thirteen cents a piece.  Apparently people buy them in bulk to feed other animals/reptiles/whatever.  So I got a bunch of them.  I figure to start a fresh crop of goldfish so I can eventually get rid of the giant ones I have in there.  They are REALLY big for a pond that small! lol  They grow so fast, the Koi are growing at exponential rates as well.  Which is actually unfortunate because from what I have been reading, they will not stop growing simply because they are in small ponds, meaning eventually I am going to have to depart with the big ones or go ahead and actually build the big pond that I have dreamed of having.  Like at least 1,200 gallons if not larger.

My "new" refrigerator is in place and is a nice, freezing temperature on the freezer side and nicely chilled on the other.  It is not, however, for my use.  I am moving into the smaller refrigerator and the tenants can have the new, big one.

I just cancelled my CreditKeeper account.  It gives me access to my credit report and also shows me my credit score. I haven't been able to access it in over 2 months.  I finally decided to just call them and get rid of it.  I will do a one-time score thing with another vendor here and there to see what's going on with it.  Well, I didn't use my aggressive panhandler tactics, I just asked for them to end it.  The lady on the other end of the phone said sure.  She didn't even try to convince me to continue on with it.  She then stated:  "I have issued you 4 credits for the inconvenience of not having been able to access your account and we truly apologize for the problems".  Reeeeally?  I didn't even ask for credits to my account and wasn't GOING to! That was a total surprise!  Nice to not have to get into all kinds of BS with a vendor for once.

Okay, so Romney has announced Ryan as his running-mate.  He also made a statement to the effect that he is not going to engage in the same kinds of smear campaign - which I might add is the worst I have ever seen - coming from the Obama campaign.  Charging that Romney is a felon, a dog hater, a woman hater and then the latest that he hasn't paid taxes in 10 years.  All I can say is that concerning the internet, anyone that calls me an Obama hater or a black hater is going to find that conversation ended and over with in an instant and if it's on a format such as Facebook, unfriended immediately.  When the left can't come up with any factual response, they always resort to name-calling or simply making up stories that are not validated by fact.

OH, and I forgot about the ad that states that Romney "killed" that man's wife in that attack ad.  What a crock of S***.  That's about as low as it goes.  It's obvious, at least to me, that the Obama administration is fearful of losing - considering the bleak state of the economy no wonder.  Romney needs to start hammering on the economy and the dismal failure of Obama - without all the name -calling and made-up lies.  He doesn't NEED lies, the facts are plain and obvious and need to be hammered into the minds of those that are still undecided. Even some liberals establishments are wondering if the unbelievable, harsh and vile attacks might end up backfiring against Obama.

I am still waiting for the debates.  That's what's going to make or break either of them, IMO, at least with the undecideds.

Well whatever.  I just called the sportfishing place.  I asked them about the Tuesday departure.  It only shows 3 tickets sold so far.  The man's reply?  "It's only Saturday. We are sending that boat out on daily trips, I'm sure it will be a go by the time Tuesday gets here".  OIC.  So, they apparently rely on last minute ticket purchases to fill the boat up enough to make it financially viable to send out on the ocean.  Okay.  I just don't want to drive all the way over there and find out that it's a no-go.  I would then be sent scrambling attempting to find something else, probably meaning having to drive on down to San Diego.

Hey, that was fast! Obama campaign has already released a video condemning Ryan's economics! ROFL!!! Obama has had his chance, all he has shown is that he absolutely LOVES to SPEND taxpayer's money!!!



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