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I will answer the comments in my last post here.
Got to the place at 3:30 am.  Paid up everything for the trip and then went outside to wait
for them to signal the okay to board the boat.  Maybe 15 minutes later, they fired the boat up and then?  It stalled maybe 15 seconds later. I joked with some others that the boat was broken
and now there wasn't going to be a trip.

Umm, unfortunately, the joke became reality.  Ruptured fuel line.  We got the news
and started to contemplate what to do.  There were 12 of us out there for this boat.  A group of
4 made a phone call to some other fishing place that must have been near there and they took
off after confirmation that there was still just enough spots left for them to come.

Then another group of 4 made phone calls to wherever, where they apparently scored and they
left post-haste.  Well, Caleb and I are left with 2 others. 1 had decided to go home, the other hadn't
made up his mind, I was in "aggressive panhandler" mod…