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The situation:

I was up at mom's property, I dunno, was it 3 weeks ago?  I was leaving, getting the dogs in the car to take them home.
There is only one way those giant dogs fit into the back seat of that car to make it comfortable for both of them.  It takes quite a bit of "arranging" to do and it also takes the cooperating of the dogs to get it done.

So, I had put Prince in first and had him perfectly situated, telling him to stay, stay, stay while I went and got Duke.  When I came back, Prince got up, turned around headed out of the car.  Now I have Duke in hand and Prince needing to be put back into correct position.

Prince is a big baby.  He whines and sometimes "cries" when things aren't going his way.  I just let go of Duke, got back into the car and had to move the dog physically because he refused to move back into position.  It does NOT mean I was hurting him, but he starting his whining/crying junk again.  Loudly.  A big dog, a big mouth.  Mothe…