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Finally, after 4 days, the people that sold me the refrigerator wrote back.  Blah Blah Blah.  Their word in their garage obviously didn't carry over to reality. I have spent $450 on a refrigerator that at best is worth $200, that of which I paid for it.  I found the address for small claims court and will be stopping by there tomorrow after work.  I'm getting very tired, in life, of people that say one thing and then do something completely different.  
My mother called me 2 nights ago after we had had the fallout about the dogs/Prince.  I wasn't near the phone and didn't know it had rung, much less a message left on it.  I listened to the message and listened to my mother asking me if she wants me to pick up some RV antifreeze, acting as if the confrontation on the phone on Sunday had never happened.  She hoped for a reply by 8:00 the next morning, or Tuesday.  I called her at around 7:30 am and wondered how this conversation was going to go.  Awkward, at best, yet he…