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The laughing Marriott customer representative.
Specifically, the J W Marriott Desert Ridge Resort And Spa located on Tatum road in North Phoenix.
It is within walking distance of the Dave and Buster's where our company's end-of-fiscal-year party is going to be held.
I stayed there I think 2 years ago at a discounted rate and now for the life of me cannot remember how I got that rate, but I was asking for it again anyway.
So, I inquired of the lady who - laughed at me.
She thought it was some sort of joke that I should be asking for a lower rate than the lowest advertised rate of $160.
Yeah, that didn't go over too well with me.  "What are you laughing at?".  "Excuuuuse me?  I didn't laugh at you".  "YES, you did".  She began to get argumentative with me which is when I asked for her manager.

I said nothing to this woman to warrant the kind of behavior I received on the phone from her.  NOTHING. I was totally respectful and was ready to m…