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I am sitting here in this absolutely magnificent hotel room - don't get this kind of treat very often -
with the AC turned down to 65 and enjoying the beautiful views out the french glass style doors up
to the north towards the mountains. It is perfectly quiet in here save the sound of the AC system.

I have absolutely no intention of leaving before the final minute of check-out time, which is 3 hours and 45 minutes from now.  I won't be staying at a place this luxurious again for some time to come, I am guessing, might as well take advantage of it.

Not only that, but this room is an upgrade, the likes of which I did not ask for neither did I expect.
I showed up after the company party and simply started the check in process, which is when the
man apparently was reading the notes and determined that if available, a room upgrade should be in
order.  Well, I'm not one to turn down that kind of offer.

The aspect of this room that is really awesome is the absolute quiet.  The…