Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Spent almost the entire day out in the heat and humidity.  108 today.  You know it's humid when even if you aren't doing anything, you start sweating profusely.  However, I wasn't not doing anything.  I was drinking water and tea all day long, but I finally succumbed to a heat-induced headache that will probably stick with me until bedtime, which will undoubtedly be earlier than normal today.

On the way home, I stopped at Fry's Food Stores.  Meandering through the store looking for the things I needed, I happened by the deli.  A girl working behind the counter, I walked over to the where the fried chicken was and was about to ask for an 8-piece of it until I saw the price.  It jumped from $4.99 to $6.99. I simply said, oh, the price has gone up.  The girl "informed" me that it has been that price for the last 2 years now.  No, I replied, it has not, I have bought a lot of that chicken at $4.99.  Oh, yeah, they had that on sale for like 2 weeks.  No, I relied again, it was at that price for about 8 months.  No, she stated, it has always been $6.99.  

I was getting irritated.  Number one because I knew I was right - I have bought a lot of that fried chicken at the lower price and 2, that this girl of whom I had never seen before and therefore concluded she hasn't been working there all  that long was giving me  impudent, obnoxious and argumentative tones.  The fact that I had a heat headache and exhausted from busting my @$$ in the heat all day long didn't help matters.  I just decided to end that conversation and walk away from her, chicken be damned I can get some some other day.  The next thing I know, this girl is talking trash about me to another customer who had just walked up.

I was going to just let it go, little girl with attitude, the world is full of them.  But when she made the snide remarks to the customer, who also turned to give me a look, that was it.  I went up to the front, paid for my groceries and then asked for Christine, the current store's general manager.  Unavailable.  Fine, I'll call when I get home.

Turns out, after getting home and calling, this isn't the first complaint against that girl and her stupid attitude.  You can't work in a customer service venue and expect that, with a bad attitude, you are going to get away with it forever, or very long for that matter.  I was asked what she could do for me to keep me as a customer.  "Deal with her, that's all I want".

I'm out of it.  I was informed a few minutes ago that it rained for an hour last night - completely missed it - which gives me a pass on having to water plants. I don't feel like doing anything at all right now.  It's way too early to go to bed at 4:30, if it was even 7:00  I would be hitting the sack.

Yeah, ending this one.

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