Saturday, September 1, 2012

My original plan some weeks ago for the Labor Day weekend - which is now - was to go up to the property and hang out for a couple of days. 
Well, I am not going up there again until mother and I have a conversation about my dogs and whether she is going to be able to handle it, cause' if she isn't, I will go up there without them sometime this month, pump  the water lines full of RV version of anti-freeze and it will sit until Spring, which is when I will have it hauled out of there.  I will sell it, wash my hands of the entire situation and move on with life.

Instead, I went to a men's meeting at church this morning and heard some interesting ideas about starting up a men's group and doing various types of outings and such.  Breakfast was also served, very nice egg casserole, the likes of which I had never had before, was severed along with other basic breakfast foods.
Good meeting, was glad I made it.  

No great plans for this 3 day weekend.  Not that I need any.  

Time's up.  Bedtime, lol.


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