Monday, September 3, 2012

A bit of a dilemma.
I have 1 large plant out front that has completely up and died.
There is one that is even larger that is dying off.
I have no idea, whatsoever, why the one plant has died and the other is dying.  It isn't for lack of water, I can guarantee you that.

What's the dilemma?  Summer.  Heat.  Humidity.  Oh, no, it's not a dry heat.  There has been enough humidity mixed with high enough temps to make it feel very uncomfortable out there.  I am soooo sick of the summer that I just want to be outside as little as possible until cooler temps come.

At the same time, that big, brown, dead and now-ugly plant needs to go. It actually isn't that big of a deal that it died, I have fresh ideas about what to do with that area once I get that dead thing out of there anyway.    I mean, I didn't WANT it to die, but it's okay, I'm cool with it, find something else to do with that area and maybe take a completely different route with it.  The other plant next to it I am not real happy about it's slow, gradual death, due to what I have no clue.  But it's turning brown with the exception of  a few branches that are, inexplicably, very healthy looking.  I'm waiting that one out.  I want to see if it's going to completely die out or if there are some parts of the plant that are salvageable.  It is about 8 feet tall and maybe that much in circumference.  It was a really nice plant that I had acquired from one of the nursery auctions that started out as a twig in the ground.

I'm sure I will get out there and get the dead one cut down.  I'm waiting for one of the tenants to come home, he has an electric chain saw in his car that he said he would let me use.  Make that job MUCH easier.

I also have yet to put any fish in that front pond after all of them died off in there.  Another inexplicable event.    I had been suspicious about neighbor involvement in poisoning the ponds and I still haven't ruled that out, to be honest.  I may never know.  But, if one of the "war" neighbors did do something to my ponds, eventually that truth will be spread around the neighborhood and get back to me.  That might be a long time.  Meanwhile, I am leaving that pond void of fish for a while.  I still have nice plants in it and I am still running the small filtering system for it - can't let it stagnate and turn into a cesspool of mosquitoes.  I could just use it as a plant water feature and leave the fish out of it.

My other 2 ponds have apparently recovered from whatever happened to them.  I did lose fish in them, but not near as many as the amount of fish lost in the front pond.  I have been forcing myself to clean out the filters much more frequently than what I had been doing.

As for today, it's Labor Day and why bother doing anything, anyway.  When the temps come down, I will be doing some major work outside, especially on the east side of the house.  Cooler temps will help with the amount of trimming and de-grassing under the vines that needs to be done.

Just took a trip to one of the largest tree farms in the entire county, which just happens to be 2-1/2 miles away from my house.  I found some interesting ideas and definitely found some plants that would replace the dead one and actually look much better.  One of which puts out beautiful, yellow flowers and grows up to 12 feet tall.

However, after coming home, I found the answer.  Something that will work much better than what I have out there now: Indian Laurel Columns.

I'm actually ready at this point to go out there and cut that dead thing down - however - the tenant is not here yet and I'm going to wait for the ease of us of an electric chainsaw versus having to it down and into small piece by hand.

Well whatever.  Work back in the queue again.  It doesn't matter how long time off can be - a day, 3 days, a week - it just disappears soooo fast.  Lol.


Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...