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A bit of a dilemma.
I have 1 large plant out front that has completely up and died.
There is one that is even larger that is dying off.
I have no idea, whatsoever, why the one plant has died and the other is dying.  It isn't for lack of water, I can guarantee you that.

What's the dilemma?  Summer.  Heat.  Humidity.  Oh, no, it's not a dry heat.  There has been enough humidity mixed with high enough temps to make it feel very uncomfortable out there.  I am soooo sick of the summer that I just want to be outside as little as possible until cooler temps come.

At the same time, that big, brown, dead and now-ugly plant needs to go. It actually isn't that big of a deal that it died, I have fresh ideas about what to do with that area once I get that dead thing out of there anyway.    I mean, I didn't WANT it to die, but it's okay, I'm cool with it, find something else to do with that area and maybe take a completely different route with it.  The other plant next …