Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This will be a short entry, mostly due to time constraints, the fact that 3 days off and Labor Day weekend is over and I must be leaving for work shortly. Which isn't a bad thing, btw.

But, I have started to get back into the Gospels after sort of hodging around them and reading just about everything else in the Bible.  I had forgotten how incredible those times must have been, Jesus actually walking on this earth, doing miracles, rebuking the religious and reaching out the the lost and destitute.  Some of the words he spoke about what we are to do with our lives had gone onto a dusty shelf in my mind somewhere.

No longer. I am finding myself slowly - ever so slowly - but still - coming out of the darkness and being in the light is a FAR better place to be.  I feel a clarity of mind I haven't had in quite a long time.  I feel some regret for having had wasted so much time and not fully engaging myself in my walk with the Lord.  But God is gracious and merciful, if not for that, we would all be doomed.

Okay, time to get to work.



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