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I finally found the source of the problem that doctors could not.
Not going into particulars here, but I have already been to the drugstore and found
extreme relief.
Doctors.  I hate going to them.  They mostly do not listen to anything you have to say
and recommend doing things that you do not want to do.
Such as the physical I had last month. The doctor wanted a chest x-ray for no more
purpose than to see what my lungs look like since I have a history of respiratory problems.

Is there really any good reason to subject yourself to even more radiation than what is
absolutely necessary?  I don't think so.

I thought I had found a good facility, but, I have changed my mind.  When their blood tester
to check for diabetes had quick working and then the rest of them also weren't working, that
sort of made me curious.  When they told me they could not do an EKG for the physical because
they had run out of the special paper, umm, wow.

When they told me they would call me right back …