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It's Friday, albeit the fact that it's almost over.
It's been raining on and off throughout the week.  My flowering plants are going crazy with new blooms for all the water.  Honeysuckles have orange blooms all over them and - ummm - lol I can't remember the name of the other one - are also well abloom.  The only ones that aren't producing are the vines, which, when they feel like it, put out hundreds of beautiful yellow blooms.

It rained most of the day today.  Which, when driving a semi in heavy traffic, isn't really all that fun.  Not because of the rain itself, but because of the effect it has on other drivers on the road who are already not paying enough attention to the driving task at hand.

Noteworthy is the totally trashed pickup truck on the freeway.  I was on a transition ramp from one freeway to another.  I saw near the end of a median that has plants and landscaping rocks a decided scraping of tires.  Looking up, I saw it.  A pickup had slid across…