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So, I come home from work, greet the dogs who are already greeting me and then proceed to go out to the ponds.  I can't believe another dead fish!  I'm thinking, geeze, not again!!

But then I look at the fish.  Oh my gosh - GROSS!

That fish had been dead a LONG time!!  I am not going to describe it, suffice it to say it was absolutely disgusting.  It's body must have come up under the huge Yerba Mensa plant and had been lodged under there - until today, that is.  Got it out of there immediately.  That dead thing could not be helping the eco system in that pond - at alllllll.

It rained yet again last night and I just saw my water bill.  It's down about $40 right now and next month it should be down even more than that - from previous months that is.  Today's high 91 degrees.  The plants are not being subjected to scorching heat so they aren't sucking so much water out of the ground but even if they were, the now-frequent rains have been keeping the ground wet.…
So let's see.  Nothing grand done this weekend. The lady that I gave some pond plants to and the hard shell pond liner came back - with more people in tow - to get some of the mosquito eating fish I have. I mean, there must be 150 to 200 of them things in there.  They are very small fish so it doesn't do anything to the appearance of the pond itself.  We sat there for a while catching the little fish and putting them into a coffee pot container.  I'm waiting to hear back whether they are doing their jobs or not, but, I figure those little things were pretty hungry so I am assuming they would eat as many mosquitoes as they can find.

Other than that, I went to church and not much of anything else.

Mom's birthday tomorrow - 9/11.  I am expecting to see a lot of stuff on TV going on today and tomorrow about 9/11, of course.
Ummm, it's early, looking at quite a lot of work today and just going to get up, get out of here get to work and get it all over with.