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So, I sort of figured out what was causing the vibration on the car, extreme vibration.  A bad tire - cords showing on the front.  Which makes the situation even worse since it's a front wheel drive.  I'm trying to drive home from work yesterday and it was ridiculous.

Well, these tires allegedly have 85,000 mile warranty on them.  I got 20,000 out of that one.  So, I got a prorated amount plus put a used tire on another spot going on the rear of the car which will last quite a while.

I have one more mileage credit, but I couldn't really afford all of it right now, save that for the near future.  At least they're honest about it - Discount Tire that is - they don't try to screw you, they have everything on file and they simply go by that.

Meanwhile, Caleb was just at the repair shop with the old car, they were putting on the junkyard version of hose and he is currently waiting in line at the emissions station waiting to get the car check ed out.....however.......t…