Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So, I sort of figured out what was causing the vibration on the car, extreme vibration.  A bad tire - cords showing on the front.  Which makes the situation even worse since it's a front wheel drive.  I'm trying to drive home from work yesterday and it was ridiculous.

Well, these tires allegedly have 85,000 mile warranty on them.  I got 20,000 out of that one.  So, I got a prorated amount plus put a used tire on another spot going on the rear of the car which will last quite a while.

I have one more mileage credit, but I couldn't really afford all of it right now, save that for the near future.  At least they're honest about it - Discount Tire that is - they don't try to screw you, they have everything on file and they simply go by that.

Meanwhile, Caleb was just at the repair shop with the old car, they were putting on the junkyard version of hose and he is currently waiting in line at the emissions station waiting to get the car check ed out.....however.......the repair facility called ahead and warned them he was coming, to take care of the situation and be ready to deal with this quickly. What fun, waiting in line a second time when it should never have occurred in the first place.  We'll see how that turns out, though they have already stated they are not going to pay for the damages they inflicted on that car.

Yeah, right and we'll see about that.

LONG day at work.  I went to a person's house with 20,000 feet of pipe.  You read that correctly, 20,000 feet of pipe.  Small diameter pipe, but still a lot of pipe.  I get there and find out they do not have a machine to unload the pipe with.  It was 70% humidity and unknown temp in direct sunlight, unloading that truck by hand.  2 unmotivated workers taking their sweet old time helping get it off of there, I was getting irritated.  The final lift of pipe I simple dumped off the side of the truck with the new owner's blessing.  It had already gone on almost 2 hours and I had a LOT left to go.

Whatever.  I think I will go up to mom's property 2 weekends from now when she isn't there and yes, with the dogs.  I was getting a little excited about finding property up there for sale, but it's going to have to wait until I get some debt taken care of. I know it sounds crazy, but what I really need is another room to rent out and get extra income in to save for a couple of years to get a good down payment on property.  Or not. What I would really like is a travel trailer with slide-outs.  I like the one I have now, excepting it doesn't have enough room. If it had a couple of slide-outs that would make all the difference in the world.

So, sell the one in my driveway, save up the rest and find hopefully a decent one.  Pull the one up there off the property and potentially drag another one up there - if we work out this dog situation that is.  No hurry.  If mom doesn't have a problem with me going up there when she isn't there, well, she isn't there the entire winter.  She can't stand the cold and will not go up there at all until Spring and that only when it warms up enough to her liking.

LONG interlude - and my bedtime.


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