Friday, September 14, 2012

Find my camera, get out there and take a bunch of pictures and post the thing for sale on Craigslist this weekend.
That is my goal to at least getting the thing online and advertised, the trailer that is.
I want that thing out of here, to be honest.  I want the money for it, too.
If I saved it and sold the other trailer, I could take both of those amounts and buy an RV trailer with slideouts and that would be very nice, indeed.

ARRRRGH.  I just saw the first cockroach in my kitchen that I have seen since I paid $150 to have them eradicated and removed out of my house - quite some time ago.  A call to the exterminator will be in order today.  I HATE cockroaches and I refuse to "live" with them in my house.  We keep this place clean, but that never seems to guarantee that cockroaches still won't decide you have a nice place for them to live.  YUCK.

Oh well.  That service was guaranteed for "life", whatever their definition of that is.  I don't want to pay another $150 and if that's their demand, I'm going to be finding another exterminator since I pay them to come out to my house on a monthly basis and make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen.

Oh, did I mention it's Friday?

The violence and turmoil continues in the Middle East.  Some suggestions have been given to the White House in how to deal with it, but apparently Obama isn't interested in the ideas of Senators.  Of course, the man doesn't seem to want to listen anyone.  His statement about "experimenting" with the economy in his speech is rather alarming.  Nothing else he has tried has worked, I don't really want to find out what his experiments are going to come to, neither do I want to be on the receiving end of it.  Perhaps we could "experiment" with balancing the budget and coming up with a plan to reduce the deficit and ohhh, maybe deal with Social Security while we're at it.  I guess this issue with Social Security won't be dealt with until the hand is forced and it runs out of money.  THAT'S the way to deal with it, just about the time I am ready to retire, I will be seeing greatly reduced benefits because none of our elected officials wanted to deal with it.

Which is why I just increased my 401k to 7% and have upped my goal from ultimately having 10% taken out to 15% percent.  Yup, I need another rental unit.  I saw a nicely built casita type thing sitting on a trailer on the side of the road with a for sale sign on it the other day.  It was big enough that you could make a small rental unit out of it and small enough that you wouldn't need city approval/plans/permit to have it on the property.  Of course, I could build such a thing myself, but I was wondering if it was something someone bought and were just trying to get rid of it or if it was something they are building on a consistent basis as an income generator.  If the latter, than probably building one myself would be cheaper.  If the former, then perhaps it might have been a good deal. Who knows?  You know what?  I bet I could build something that size with the proceeds of the sale of the RV and really, it looked very nice with a window and nice door in it.

If my neighbors are allowed to put up the junk they have put up on their property behind me and the City of Phoenix is not going to do anything about it, then I can certainly build something that actually looks decent. It's getting the time of year when my electric bill will come down substantially and water usage will decrease and that bill go down as well, meaning more money to be able to foot the bill for such a project.

Umm, time to be off to work.



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