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Find my camera, get out there and take a bunch of pictures and post the thing for sale on Craigslist this weekend.
That is my goal to at least getting the thing online and advertised, the trailer that is.
I want that thing out of here, to be honest.  I want the money for it, too.
If I saved it and sold the other trailer, I could take both of those amounts and buy an RV trailer with slideouts and that would be very nice, indeed.

ARRRRGH.  I just saw the first cockroach in my kitchen that I have seen since I paid $150 to have them eradicated and removed out of my house - quite some time ago.  A call to the exterminator will be in order today.  I HATE cockroaches and I refuse to "live" with them in my house.  We keep this place clean, but that never seems to guarantee that cockroaches still won't decide you have a nice place for them to live.  YUCK.

Oh well.  That service was guaranteed for "life", whatever their definition of that is.  I don't want to pay a…