Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's easy to get into modes.  To get into routines that may or may not be healthy for you.  To engage in habits that creep up on you slowly, over time.

It came to my attention tonight, not in any conversation I was having or dwelling on any internet interaction, just started thinking about things - that there is a lot I could be doing to better my life beyond what I am doing now.

Church was the first step. Offering to get involved was the second step, which was very recent but so far no offer for any kind of engagement.

But there's more. I can taste it and feel it.  I need to start going on fasts with prayer, seeking the Lord.  Even on the physical level, I feel the need to start working out seriously again.

Odd, the thought dropped into my mind, I looked upon my past of the things I used to do and wondered how I ever got to this place and point in life.

More pondering and even more action required.


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