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The idea that cooler temps are coming - while true - hasn't exactly arrived yet.  Highs still in the low 100's for the rest of this week.  It'll be October before the highs are in the 80's, of which I can stand pretty well because that usually means the lows are low enough at night to shut off AC and open the windows.  A task I will gladly do in exchange for a much lower electric bill.

It is interesting that an obese inmate, slated to be executed for shooting and killing a hotel clerk some 30 years ago, is now stating that he is too obese to be executed because it would cause a ""torturous and lingering death."  I have mixed feelings on the death penalty.  I sort of think that should be God's purview and no-one else's, yet there are people that have been executed that I thought nothing of - they "deserved" it and that was that.  The biggest problem I have with it, though, is if the system is wrong and the person being executed didn'…