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Thursday Night Football. Quite the joke tonight.  I compare it with a Little League Baseball game where one team has been - formed - illegally - if all the best players playing against a regular team that has both great, bad and everywhere in between players. The first team is kicking the second team's @$$. So it is with New York v Carolina.  Carolina being handed a dish.  A dish of @$$-whip that is.  Maybe that's more like a charged can of whipped cream.

I don't necessarily write entries every day anymore because - I don't necessarily have anything new, or I simply don't feel like it.  Not that I'm quitting, just get the urge here and there and other times?  Don't wanna.

The newest dish on Obama is interesting.  I don't care to discuss it as I am rather sick of politics, will November please get here, let me get to the polling place and get it over with? Thank you.  My vote has not changed since it became clear that Romney was going to be the GOP can…