Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Night Football. Quite the joke tonight.  I compare it with a Little League Baseball game where one team has been - formed - illegally - if all the best players playing against a regular team that has both great, bad and everywhere in between players. The first team is kicking the second team's @$$. So it is with New York v Carolina.  Carolina being handed a dish.  A dish of @$$-whip that is.  Maybe that's more like a charged can of whipped cream.

I don't necessarily write entries every day anymore because - I don't necessarily have anything new, or I simply don't feel like it.  Not that I'm quitting, just get the urge here and there and other times?  Don't wanna.

The newest dish on Obama is interesting.  I don't care to discuss it as I am rather sick of politics, will November please get here, let me get to the polling place and get it over with? Thank you.  My vote has not changed since it became clear that Romney was going to be the GOP candidate.  I think others would have been better, much better actually, but I'm of the "Anything But Obama" camp.  Time to make some bumper stickers.

My manager was off work sick on Monday and Tuesday, at work on Wednesday and then gone today.  It's not that his replacement was a bad person or did shitty work, but that person does not run stores and though he may understand in theory what should be done, he doesn't quite get it in reality.  Which is okay, I just take the load and deal with it.  They don't bring managers in to take manager's place.  They bring in inside salesmen, usually, who already have a full plate in front of them.  I just give them a pass.  "Do you need help with pulling this order?".  No, I'll get it.  They can get back to their computer screen and I will sweat my @$$ off and be happy as pie.  Why?  Nothing like a good workout.  Lifting parts that weigh 100, 150, 200, 300 pounds a piece? I can dead lift 300 pounds, I really can't get it up higher than that, lol.

Weekend almost here.  I would like to go up to my trailer and see what kind of - situation - it is with mice.  I will not have a problem with killing them. My mother doesn't like the traps that snap their heads off and such, she drowns them in water.  Lol.  Well what's the difference? You are killing them just the same.  It's her way of dealing with it, so be-it.  I haven't been up there in a while now since the altercation with the dogs. I still am of the mind that the trailer needs to be moved off the property and do something else until I hear something different, but I don't want mice trashing the place.  She isn't up there right now and I don't want extended periods of time going without someone being up there and tending to the problem.  I am going to have to find out where they are getting in and taking care of that.

The newest doggy has obviously been abused by it's previous owner.  Whoever that is, piece of s*** and a few other choice words.  It will literally be years before that dog is considered anything near "normal", but she is a cool doggy anyway, just has issues.  I won't be getting rid of her if that's what you're thinking.  No, most dogs I have owned are from what I gather to be abusive homes considering some of the issues.

Well isn't life grand.  It is, right?  It's what you make of it?  To some degree, I suppose that true, but to another extent, probably more reliant on what you  make of the true and living God.

Just throwing that in there.


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