Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm going to have to bite the bullet and cut that large, almost dead, plant down.  It will get a proper burial, ie: the trash can.  Once I get that down, I have 6, small, Cape Cod Honeysuckles to replace them.  I wanted the 8 or 9 foot tall Indian Laurel Column, but there was no way to get it home in my car and they don't care if I live across the street from them, it's $50 to haul it.  I absolutely refuse to pay $50 for hauling something this is 2-1/2 miles away from them.  I'll have to figure something else out about that.

Apparently our 2 man team at work got some kudos at the manager's meeting.
It's nice to get some sort of recognition just ONCE in a while.  I didn't even get that to my face, but hearing about it will just have to do.  One higher level manager was telling my manager "don't think your work is going unnoticed", is the way I believe it was presented to him.  It was put across as the statement that no other store in the United States could have pulled off what us 2 did in the last fiscal year.  Yes, we worked our @$$es off.  We had a few moments of - not being so nice to each other - but we got past that and are pretty much very busy every day. I'm not sure why management in my company is so short on  giving the good ole' pat on the back.  I don't mean every day, week or even month.  But once in a great while would be nice.

Well whatever.  I guess we are supposed to be in the "be happy you have a job" realm considering all those millions of unemployed workers out there, many of which have given up looking if you believe the statistics they are putting out.  I have a question: If Obama's Hope and Change didn't work the first 4 years, what's going to be different the next 4 years?  Oh, and since Obama is so behind all the "middle-class Americans", maybe he should takealookat the report the CBO just put out: that 6 million middle class Americans are going to have to pay the penalty for Obamacare.  Gee, Mr. Obama, I thought you were all about the Middle Class?  Oh, wait a minute, you aren't in that category.  You are rich, too.  You smash Romney for being rich and having bank accounts in the Caymen Islands, yet where is your own self bashing? Aren't you worth millions of dollars yourself?  And YOU think YOU can relate to the average, common-Joe/Jane?

No.  If I have to endure another 4 years of that freak in the Oval Office, I'm sure I'm going to pull my hair out.  I haven't heard anything about what's going to be done about this "Fiscal-Cliff" we are approaching on January 1st, 2013.  It's a fore-gone conclusion that neither one of them are going to do anything about Social Security.  The Post Office is going to be insolvent very soon, they have no choice but to either deal with it or let it go under (want to talk about the ending of a LOT of jobs?)  Medicare will also be insolvent, I think they said 12 years from now.  Hey, I know what: let's just print more money!!! WooHOOOOOOO!!

I didn't go up to the property - while mother isn't there - because I didn't feel like it.  It would be drive up there today and come back tomorrow.  Not worth that much driving for only one night's stay.  I need a 2 night's stay for me to actually think it's worth that much driving and the prep going into going up there.  It's been a while since I've been up there after the conflict with mother.

Well whatever.  I have work to do.

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