Sunday, September 23, 2012

More conviction, more strength to fight the battles.  Inner battles, I mean and am referring to the service at church today.  I wasn't even going to go, but something inside me said, no, you can't just stay home, you must go.  I was very glad I did.  Renewed vigor to overcome, fight the good fight of faith and come out the victor against the enemy's ruthless onslaughts.  This is spiritual warfare, in case you think I'm going Postal and gonna start shooting people, it has nothing to do with earthly weapons or earthly warfare.  In Jesus' name, I am going to overcome.

The weekend "grind".  Cleaned out the in-ground pond's filtering system, which was pretty full of fish waste.  Amazing how fast it builds up in there.  The water, though, is crystal clear.  The above ground pond I can now, finally say, is also crystal clear, you can see to the bottom, there is no murk or muck to obscure the view.  It was interesting to see the bottom of that pond is also covered with a layer of a sand-like-looking substance, it gives a very nice effect, actually.  Just the sand/small rock particles carried in by the strong winds that come through here relatively frequently, I guess.  It's nice to be able to look underneath the giant plant and actually see all the fish huddled under there.  Their hiding spot - they don't like something that's where they go.  The larger fish swimming around the bottom actually helps kick up the dirt/yuck stuff on the bottom and get it into the filter.  I had too many fish in there, I now realize, so, pretty much gonna keep it at it's current numbers.  The front pond - I still have put no fish back in it.

But, those little mosquito eating fish survived where all the rest of them died. Hearty little suckers.  They have that pond all to themselves, lol.  I have half a thought to go get some .13 cents per fish goldfish and dump about 20 of them in there to see what happens. They are VERY small fish, maybe half an inch to an inch long at most.

Debates.  That's what I'm waiting for.  I feel that the Presidential debates are going to be what determines who is going to be the next President of the United States.  A lot of "undecideds" are probably going to make their choice depending on who says what and what specific problems are specifically addressed.  We're going to fix this doesn't address HOW the economy is going to be turned around.  I will be watching these debates, they should be entertaining if nothing else.  I'll be interested to see if Obama talks the same way in person to Romney as he does on-stage, speaking to whoever at a crowd.  October 3rd is the first, scheduled debate - not too far off in the future.

Well, whatever.  Nice, large glass of sugar-free lemonade, going to go outside and get a few more things done today.


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