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More conviction, more strength to fight the battles.  Inner battles, I mean and am referring to the service at church today.  I wasn't even going to go, but something inside me said, no, you can't just stay home, you must go.  I was very glad I did.  Renewed vigor to overcome, fight the good fight of faith and come out the victor against the enemy's ruthless onslaughts.  This is spiritual warfare, in case you think I'm going Postal and gonna start shooting people, it has nothing to do with earthly weapons or earthly warfare.  In Jesus' name, I am going to overcome.

The weekend "grind".  Cleaned out the in-ground pond's filtering system, which was pretty full of fish waste.  Amazing how fast it builds up in there.  The water, though, is crystal clear.  The above ground pond I can now, finally say, is also crystal clear, you can see to the bottom, there is no murk or muck to obscure the view.  It was interesting to see the bottom of that pond is also co…