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Leave it to Fox News to report a poll that actually states that most Republicans AND Democrats believe that EVERYONE should pay at least SOME amount of income tax! Of course!!  But it smacks Obama in the face in his rhetorical, retaliatory attacks on Romney's declaration of the 47% percent that do not pay any taxes.  Lol.  I just love Obama stating that he is going to create jobs for "Americans".  Really? Let's discuss that with facts in the last 4 years.  Thanks for playing.

Thursday.  It's after 9:00 pm and I am wide awake.  I am attempting to wind down from an interesting day and I am having trouble doing it, but my reading and writing should take effect anytime now.  Well, I was thinking of going up North tomorrow after work, but if I don't sleep well tonight, that idea is slap bag dog done out the window. But we'll see.  I'm good on 6 hours of sleep, maybe a bit less, so still time.

Umm, well anyway.  Nothing new around here, excepting the view …