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Yes, up in the mountains once again, enjoying fresh, cool mountain air and a distinctive lack of big city noise pollution.  So, mom said she wasn't going to be up here this weekend or next, turns out after I left and called her to tell her I was coming up - yup, she's here.  I didn't know whether we were going to have a problem or not - I pretty much am not going to come up here without my dogs in tow. They absolutely love it up here, as much as I do or more, perhaps, I just wouldn't feel right leaving them at home.  I can think of a couple of circumstances where I might leave them at home to come up here to deal with things.

Of course, I was fully prepared for the fact that there would be mouse droppings all over the place, so no surprise to see it everywhere.  Brought my mini-shop vac with me and I went to town.  Took me about an hour, actually, to vacuum out the entire place, including my bed which had droppings all over it.  I have it done, but there is more clean…