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I finally got my act together this morning - got up late and knew I wasn't going to make it in time for church - and got the process moving towards leaving the property.  Shut off the gas; close the roof vents; put out the mouse traps and the mouse bait (D-Con); clean up the dog poop; empty out the grey water holding tank; etc.  I finally got to the dog part and getting them in the car.  Amazingly easy this time, they are finally learning.  Pull the power cord to the trailer, roll it up, pull out to the dirt road, close the gate, lock it and I'm outta there.

Travelling along the forest road I come along many campsites.  Slow down, I think, I am going too fast meaning putting up a lot of dust and choking them out. No reason to do that on purpose. so I slowed down to around 20 mph whenever I came up on one of them.  Popular weekend to go camping, lots of them out there with their RV's and tents and a lot of 4-wheelers.   Came up to Tonto Village, I think to myself that might…