Monday, October 1, 2012

After coming home yesterday, my son comes walking in.  Sick again!  You can't really just keep up an unending pace, while sick, and expect that you are going to have a rapid recovery.  I can see keeping up with school, the rest of it, however, the social stuff, should be put into a little basket and kept there on hold until he gets better.  But, it's his life and he has to figure these things out on his own.

Meanwhile, the first Presidential debate en-queue for Wednesday.  Apparently, because of the time zone difference, that debate is going to be seen here at 4:00 pm!!  I don't know who the brilliants are that made up the schedule for this stuff, but a lot of folks are still at work at 4:00 pm.  Sure, you can record it if you have the capability, but I think this is a major gaffe in itself in at least making an attempt to ensure that as many people as possible can see it live, while it's happening.  It should be entertaining if nothing else.

I continue to change the wording on my ad and bring the price down on the trailer out in my driveway that I am trying to sell, not a single response.  I'm only going to go down so far in price and then throw my hands up in the air with it.  I am not going to give it away.  Or take half of what I paid for it.  It's a nice unit in good condition, no roof leaks, new refrigerator, etc etc.  I would have thought perhaps someone might take me up on the trade offer if nothing else.

I am going to have to force myself into work mode this morning, I am dragging and that's a fact.  I was going to ask for a day off either this week or next, but one of the drivers downtown left on vacation for 2 weeks going to Italy and other places in Europe.  Bon voyage!  But I can't take any time off until he gets back. Although our store's numbers - gross profit - were great for September, many of the other stores in our region did not do so well, meaning they would rather have another driver come and take my place for the day or two that I am off versus having to hire a temp driver.

But, since other drivers take 2 weeks in a row off, I am considering doing the same thing next year - providing there is a next year for me (I simply mean: Lord willing).  That would be cool, even if I didn't take a major vacation anywhere.  Though I do have a standing invitation to come visit some folks in Texas - I actually know quite a number of people that live in Texas from my missionary days.  I would love to go back to Pittsburgh and re-visit the place of my childhood. It's changed so much since I was a little kid.  Of course, I have always wanted to go to Italy myself, not to mention London and a few other places in Europe. But, that costs money - a lot of it - and even saving up in advance?  It would take a couple of years of saving to come up with that kind of money.

Whatever.  Musing about things.  A missionary trip would be another option - there's a place in Africa that takes in short term missionaries.  But I also know people in the Philippines; Romania; India; Italy; etc etc etc.

Well, for right now, however, there is another trip that must be taken: the drive to work!



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