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75 minutes into the Presidential debate and I declare both candidates losers.
This is a politically-correct debate that lacks the - debate factor.  Neither candidate came out with anything new, they aren't getting into it with each to the degree I had expected and if there are undecideds, will this debate do anything to change their views?

Hope and Change have changed nothing for the better is my perspective and I thought of so many thing Romney could have come back against Obama in every single topic, yet he mostly did not do that.  I guess I hoped that this would be a defining moment for Romney, perhaps it is and I am missing it, but I don't see it.  Perhaps the people that campaign is targeting sees things I don't see - most of us have already made up our minds long ago who we are voting for - and perhaps that's why this debate is taking the tone it is.

Whatever the case, I think this is over soon and I am heading to the bedroom.  I was paying for yesterday's …


Yesterday. Wow.  Went up to the mines in Globe, well, closer to Miami, distinction without much of a difference.
Three drops there, ridiculous amount of time spent.  By the time I got out of there and started heading to west Phoenix for pickups for delivery tomorrow (today), it was already almost 11:00pm.  So, I'm running around all over the place picking all kinds of stuff up and end up with a fully loaded trailer.

Back to the yard. My manager's looking at me like: Ready to get this done?  Order after order after order to be pulled and loaded on the truck and out of the yard no later than ...... 6:30 this morning.  I'm looking at him like, dude, do you know that we are going to be here until 8:00 pm doing all of this?  I am going to have to unload the entire truck and reload everything, not to mention pulling all of those orders, wrapping them and all the rest of it.

He's doing all the paperwork and I'm out there pulling orders.  I'm not complaining about him …