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According to an instant poll, Romney won the debate, 46 to 22 percent.
I watched the entire thing.  There were a few occasions were Obama was stuttering.  He also was looking down at the podium frequently when Romney would be looking at him in the eye.  He made numerous facial expressions and he looked rather - feeble - at some points. He appeared to be well out of his comfort zone.

As far as the specifics goes, though, I didn't think either of them did a very good job of it.

Whatever. I am still paying for Tuesday's extremely heavy work load and working near 14 hours.  I draaaaaagged through work yesterday and felt very fortunate to get off at 2:00 pm, instead of a couple of hours later, which it would have been if the delivery I was going to leave to go do at around 1:45 pm hadn't been cancelled.

Besides that, I don't know what else might be in there - the truck routing system that is - for today.  Doesn't matter, I'll get through it, just hope I don't …