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Not surprisingly, MSNBC has the newest poll that shows Romney now beating Obama percentage-wise, buried in a story about half way down.  This is the first poll that shows full results from after the debate had taken place.  Now, if Obama was winning, guess what might be showing top and center on their site? It's amazing how many "news" organizations are using their "power" to attempt to sway public sentiment by only or mostly only showing stories that make Obama look good and always quick to make sure they show stories that make Romney look "bad".

One would like to dream of them all simply reporting the news without a skew.  "Romney ahead in latest poll", but you don't see that.  I haven't checked out other liberal leaning news sites yet.  ABC has a story entitled: "Fundamentals Still Favor Obama", with no mention whatsoever of the newest poll nor did I see it anywhere on the front "page".  I don't really tru…

Let The War Resume

My next door neighbor is back from Michigan. This is the guy that started building a new house earlier this year and then - left the property in a shambles and it has been that way for some 8 months now.  For whatever reason as yet to be acquired, the City of Phoenix did nothing about it, even though people filed formal complaints against the property.

Whatever the case, I don't speak to him anymore because of the cat blowup of last year.  He thinks it's stupid and ridiculous that I should demand him keep his cats off my property or pay up for the damages incurred.  Someone's grey cat basically lives on the front of my property and that cat is going to get caught and be relocated to a new home - at least 15 miles away.

However, Mark was out there talking to him and found out that 350 man is still encroaching some 24 inches into Randy's property (the next door neighbor from Michigan).  350 man built a fence - he was forced to finish it I do believe, I don't really k…