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Caleb is slowly getting better.  The prognosis, in case I forgot to write it in one of these entries, was a severe upper respiratory infection that was allegedly close to becoming pneumonia.  The docs gave him 2 prescriptions and sent him on his way.  I gave him the humidifier yesterday and loaded it with liquid medicine and that helped with the coughing tremendously. He'll get better, just going to take time.

High temp today slated to be 94.  I'll be happier when the high is slated somewhere in the 80's and turn off the ac at night and open the windows type of weather.

I'm still amused that NBC News still doesn't have a single blip on their front page - online that is - about the latest polling that shows Romney ahead.

Well, a potential trip into one of the big mines today.  Potential because the pipe has to be there no later than Wednesday. So, if a bunch of stuff is in the system this morning to do, it will be put off.  Mine trips are a nice drive, but they tak…