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Caught Em'!!!

What did I catch?  Ummmmm - since early last year, I have been trying to find the home of the wasps or whatever they are that are consuming various plants on my property.  They look like some variant of wasp.  Well, as I stated here a couple of entries ago, I was on a mission to spray all the plants on my property with Miracle Gro.  Stage 1 completed 2/3rd's of the property, Stage 2 finished it.  
I was spraying my Chinese Elm directly behind my house and lo and behold, dozens of them things came flying out of that tree.  I wasn't trying to find their home.  It never even crossed my mind, my mission at the time was to spray the leaves and the ground with the stuff and get it all covered.  
So, it was quite surprising to see all of them things come flying out of there all at once!  I mean, you aren't thinking in those terms at all and suddenly you have several of them coming at you.  Whatever. I haven't had time yet, but a trip to Home Depot and I am going to get poison…